you take golf lessons or a golf course how to play golf

you take golf lessons or a golf course how to play golf

you take golf lessons or a golf course how to play golf

Of course, you take golf lessons or a golf course if you want to learn how to play golf. There you usually use a loan set and you do not need your own materials.

But do you like golf? Then, of course, you also want to buy your own stuff. But how much do golf clubs, golf shoes and other things you need cost? And do you need all of them? We give you an honest answer about what you should and should not buy.

1. Do you need golf clubs?
You do not need your own golf clubs during your course. In fact, it is better not to purchase anything prior to your course without the advice of a golf professional.

Your golf professional can tell you what you need, for example, graphite or steel. Then you can orient yourself at a good club fitter or a good golf shop. With clubs that are too long or too short you learn golf the wrong way and the wrong clubs can also lead to injuries.

Pay attention:

It is tempting to buy a cheap set on the marketplace or buy golf clubs from a friend. But it is very important that the golf clubs fit your body and swing: that they are the right length and that the shaft (the shaft) is not too stiff or too flexible.

Also, as a novice golfer, you do not see that a set on the marketplace is already quite outdated or that the lengths of different clubs do not match.

The price of a full set of golf clubs for experienced players can go up to (well) above a thousand euros. As a novice golfer, you really don’t need that.

2. Do you need golf clothes?
You can play golf in casual clothes that you already own.

On most golf courses you can wear whatever you want, but on some courses, jeans or a very short skirt are not allowed and on some courses, a polo with a collar is required.

Always choose to clothe in which you can turn well and which is adapted to the temperature. Layers of clothing are often useful so that you can vary a bit while running 18 holes.

3. Do you need golf shoes?
Golf shoes are not necessary for practice facilities (driving range), but they are better. And if you don’t have golf shoes, then sports shoes with a profile are also good.

If you go into the course, golf shoes are actually necessary. Many golf shoes have soft spikes – a type of studs that you can replace over time – but there are also shoes with fixed studs. The studs prevent you from slipping on wet grass during a swing.

Good golf shoes are a must. After all, you walk a lot on it and you don’t want to blister or slip during your swing.

The most important thing about golf shoes is the fit. Therefore, always go to a golf or sports shop with a choice of space and try on a large number of shoes. Different brands have different fits. Walkthrough the store quite a bit and feel what is comfortable. Expensive is not always better!

4. Do you need a golf glove?
Many golfers like to play with a golf glove that allows them to better hold the grip of the club. This allows you to learn to play golf better and you will play better faster. There are occasional golfers who play without a glove, but we do not recommend that. A golf glove costs about 15 euros.

5. Do you need golf balls?
When you hit the course yourself, you need your own golf balls. Taking balls from the driving range is then prohibited.

But as a novice golfer, you will occasionally hit a ball in the water or be unable to find it in the rough.

6. And what does a round of golf cost?
On the track for your first laps? To play on a golf course as a guest you pay a ‘green fee’. The green fee for 9 holes Par 3 costs 10 to 25 euros. A round of nine holes on a long course varies between 30 and 50 euros on most courses. The green fee for 18 holes in the Netherlands is on average about 55 euros per person.

On many jobs, you pay a little more on weekends than on working days. For youth, there are almost always special rates that are much lower than for adults.

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