Review Raya and the Last Dragon – A more inclusive Disney

Until a couple of years ago Mulan and Pocahontas were talked about as two oddities within the Disney Universe. The company has always had us used to the fact that main female characters were destined to be damsels in distress. Princesses in captivity who needed to be rescued by a prince. Then Brave, Tangled and Frozen came along and the story changed, to a degree. We were seeing female characters in situations that exclusively occurred to male characters: they were heroines. But Raya and the Last Dragon takes another step forward and this brave character represents a racial minority.

We have all been children and we know how good it feels to see ourselves represented on the big screen. Greater representation of different cultures means that more children can tap into emotions more directly and connect more deeply with history. Just look at what happened to Wonder Woman and Black Panther a matter of a couple of years ago. Following that inclusive and diverse line is the film Raya and the Last Dragon that hits theaters today and on Disney + in its Premium catalog, being a film full of emotion, fun and a huge racial inclusion that today more than ever becomes necessary.


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