Wedding reception shoes for the bride

Wedding shoes add the finishing touch to your bridal look. But finding the perfect bridal shoes can be quite difficult. Which shoes do you choose? How should you walk in wedding shoes? In this article, you can read everything you need to know about wedding reception shoes!

Wedding shoes

A wedding day is the best day of your whole life. The cutest wedding shoes are an important part of your special day. It is possible you haven’t thought about it much because you think bridal shoes are hidden under your wedding dress. But nothing is less true! Every time you lift the dress slightly to walk or when you sit down, your wedding reception shoes are on display! So it’s super important to provide the perfect shoes. Besides that you have to find them very beautiful, it is also important that they are a bit comfy. The last thing you want to think about on your wedding day is getting sore feet from uncomfortable wedding shoes!

Which wedding shoes suit you?

Which wedding shoes you choose to depend not only on your style but also on what suits your wedding dress and the wedding location. You don’t want to get stuck with your heels in the mud all day during your wedding in the woods. In addition, you must also be capable to walk on it well. If you never grind heels, it might be a brilliant idea to produce those killer heels on, no matter how beautiful they are! And if your wedding takes place on the beach or in the forest, you might also want to go for a low block heel or bridal shoes with a wedge heel. The search for the perfect wedding shoes is uneasy. But we are delighted to encourage you on your way so that you will soon know exactly which shoes suit you.

Wedding shoes with a heel

Heeled wedding reception shoes remain a favorite of many brides. Which woman doesn’t enjoy a nice pair of heels? On such an enjoyable day, you can be of course also wear a special pair of shoes. Treat yourself to beautiful slippers from your favorite designer brand or opt for real eye-catchers like bridal shoes with glitter. Would you like to wear heels, but are you afraid that you will be unable to walk on them all day? Then choose a wide heel, these are often a lot more comfortable than stiletto heels.

Flat wedding shoes

Not a fan of heels? Or are you just afraid that you will be unable to walk on it after an hour? No worries! There are tons of great flat wedding shoes too! Sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, the possibilities are endless! It is also better to wear flat wedding shoes if you are getting married on the beach or in the forest. It is not really charming to slog through the sand or on unpaved forest paths with killer heels. Is your wedding location unsuitable for heels, but would you prefer not to have flat shoes? Then choose bridal shoes with a wedge heel!

Colored wedding shoes

Wedding shoes in the same color as your wedding dress are a good idea anyway. But if you want your shoes to stand out a bit more, you can also opt for colored wedding shoes! Metallic bridal shoes, for example, are completely hot! Do you have a theme color for the wedding? How nice is it to wear shoes in that color! Or go for blue or red wedding shoes, then you immediately have something blue in your outfit. You can extremely clearly receive satin bridal shoes dyed. This way your shoes always match your theme color!


Leather and satin wedding shoes

The advantage of leather over satin is that it molds more easily to your feet. After walking in, leather shoes are often a lot more comfortable. But leather is considerably warmer than satin, so it may not be the ideal choice for a summer wedding. Satin bridal shoes are also enormously popular because satin looks great on most wedding dresses.

When are you going to buy wedding shoes?

Most brides only choose their shoes after choosing the wedding dress. This way you can be sure the shoes match the dress perfectly. But if you are a real shoe-lover, you can of course also choose your bridal shoes first. Then take them with you when adopting the dress, because not every shoe looks good under every dress! If you have bought your wedding dress first, make sure you have provided your wedding shoes before pinning the dress. Then your wedding dress will be made exactly to the right length for your bridal shoes!


Providing the wedding shoes

There is an excellent chance that you will wear your wedding shoes all day. It is therefore important you pay close attention to the fit when trying on your shoes. They should be comfortable right away, otherwise, you will never remain a whole day. Also make sure the shoes are not too uncomfortable because usually, your feet are a little swollen at the end of the day. You want to be able to dance to it at the end of the day!

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