Made of banana and grape leather

Made of banana and grape leather

Made of banana and grape leather

Madrid – The Swedish fashion chain H&M takes another step forward in terms of sustainable textile innovation, and if just less than a week ago it was surprising by presenting a collection of sustainable garments made from cactus leather and castor oil threads. now it does so from the hand of the British firm Good News. Brand specialized in the development of sustainable footwear, which has just developed a capsule collection of sneakers for the Swedish fashion chain. Some pieces that will go on sale from next April 1, and that, in addition to their original and attractive designs, stand out for having used different last generation sustainable fibers for their manufacture.

“For us it was important to make the collection as sustainable as possible while still having an original and great look”, explains through a statement Nia Jonas, co-founder of Good News, and who did not hesitate to point out how “very proud” she is. feel in the British firm of having been able to collaborate with H&M, thus contributing to “one of the giants of fashion” could enter to “observe all the components of a shoe.”

“We all need to work together to help create positive change,” adds Ben Tattersall, the other Good News co-founder. “The world needs union at this time instead of competing with each other”, and therefore “hopefully we can inspire actions and changes for other brands” similar to those that the firm has managed to bring, thanks to this collaboration, to the multinational company Swedish fashion.

“We join forces to improve together,” he points out, in the same vein as the founders of Good News, David Söderlund, designer at H&M. “Working with Good News gave us a lot of energy and positivity,” he adds, and “their creativity and drive for change,” he details, there is no doubt that “they inspired our team.”

Made from the banana plant and vegan grape leather

With the shared objective of promoting a more circular and sustainable fashion industry, taking those same principles beyond clothing items to finish their roots in the footwear category, the main novelty of the collection is that it stands as the collection sustainable footwear created to date by H&M. An achievement that both companies have achieved thanks to their determined commitment to the use of sustainable materials.

In the same vein, and as outstanding innovations, for the manufacture of the different pieces of footwear in this capsule collection we have resorted to the use of materials such as recycled cotton and Tencel, a textile fiber made from Lyocell cellulose. As well as the incorporation of two new innovative materials: Bananatex, the first durable and waterproof fabric in the world manufactured exclusively from the banana plant; and Vegea, a vegan leather obtained from grapes.

Unisex models for adults and children

With our focus now on designs, this GoodNews x H&M capsule collection of sustainable sneakers is made up of different unisex cut models with sizes for both children and adults.

Built in this way on that inclusive and agender principle, we will find a total of seven pieces and a pair of sandals designed on an attractive color palette inspired by the seventies, in which suggestive neutral colors are combined with patterns and intense accents in multicolored tones. In charge of completing the collection of three children’s shoe designs.

“In this collaboration, Good News and H&M join forces to launch a collection of sustainable unisex sneakers with a smaller environmental footprint,” they indicate from the Swedish fashion chain. “The collaboration includes seven sneakers and a pair of unisex sandals in a vibrant color palette inspired by the seventies”, they describe, in relation to models made “each with its own sustainable materials”; with “recycled rubber soles” combined with an upper in “recycled cotton, Vegea and Bananatex”.

“With this launch”, they add from H&M, the collection “rethinks the design and production of sneakers, promoting the objective of both brands to be more circular in all their processes”.

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