Greatest figure in Russia

Greatest figure in Russia

Greatest figure in Russia

Here we are discussing about Greatest figure in Russia. Former Soviet republic, Russia is a country that still has great influence over the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Thanks to the Russian stars whose fame crosses borders both politically and culturally.


María Sharápova, the famous 25-year-old tennis player who won four Grand Slam tournaments. Recently she has been named the most famous person in Russia and receives a profit of 29 million dollars a year. She is also the most mentioned celebrity in Russian media. She gets the highest paid sportswoman in the world.

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, also known as “Alexander the Great” in reference to Peter the Great, or even “the Tsar,” is also a well-established celebrity within the Russian sports world. Dinamo Moscow is the 26-year-old left winger plays for the NHL’s “Washington Capitals”. Everyone know him both for his victories and his subsequent displays of joy. The value of his fortune is about $ 15 million a year.

Their status as stars and accomplished athletes in Russia earned them a prime spot at the Sochi Olympics. Maria Sharápova carried the country’s flag at the opening ceremony. Alexander Ovechkin was the first Russian to have the honor of carrying the Olympic flame.

Artists (edit)

In the world of music, one of the biggest Russian stars is still Alla Pugachova, a 65-year-old variety singer. She is still very popular today in the country and throughout the territory of the former USSR in general. Also she  has a musical career abroad. She has participated in festivals and tours in the United States, Europe and even Japan.

But the most influential singer in recent years is Stas Mikhaylov, who has a $ 21 million earnings and a significant online presence. We can also cite other singers such as Nikolay Baskov, highly respected among music lovers, or Grigory Leps. He has recently been at the center of controversy after the decision of the US Department of the Treasury to blacklist him.


It is not surprising to speak of Vladimir Putin, one of the most controversial and influential men in the world. Barack Obama is rivaling in recent years. Putin has been a decisive figure in Russian domestic politics. He has consolidated his will to strengthen Russia’s influence in the world.


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