These celebrities who adopted a healthy lifestyle after years of excess

While Ringo Starr rose to fame as a drummer for The Beatles, it was accompanied by some excess, with the Briton gleefully consuming drugs and alcohol. But today things have changed and the one who just turned 80 looks healthier than ever. However, he is far from the only celebrity to have drastically changed his habits for a healthier lifestyle. Some examples.
Bradley Cooper

The actor went through a very dark period in his youth. Struggling with depression and the fear of not succeeding as an actor, he took refuge in alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t until the age of 29 that he got his life back on track.

Understated for eleven years, Cooper has long since made his mark in Hollywood and today has adopted a healthy lifestyle. In the film “A Star Is Born”, which he co-stars with Lady Gaga, he plays a singer addicted to alcohol and drugs. A strong performance which must have echoed his past life.

Woody harrelson

Woody Harrelson’s career has had its ups and downs. Over the past three decades, he has gone through two extremes: drug use and healthy eating. For decades, Harrelson was a fan of joints, partying and alcohol. But since then he has radically changed his lifestyle, although he continues to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time.

For thirty years, Harrelson has paid much more attention to his diet. Vegan, he advocates sustainable food and fights for animal rights.

Robert Downey Junior

The one who was Hollywood’s bad boy for a long time broke through in the 80s and 90s, but struggled with his notoriety. Addicted to alcohol and drugs, which he had already experienced in his childhood, the actor was even arrested several times. He lost several roles due to his excesses, like that of “Ally McBeal”, and spent time in a drug rehab center. The actor has been totally sober since 2003, and in 2008 his career gained new momentum with the role of “Iron Man”.

As Downey Junior became a Hollywood star again, his health, especially mental health, improved after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which made his addictions easier. Thanks to therapy, the support of his wife and friends (including Mel Gibson), yoga and Wing Chun kung fu, he has now regained a certain balance.

Steven tyler

The American rock star dabbled in almost every drug available in the 60s, 70s and 80s, having even once claimed to have spent $ 20 million on his addiction. He tried to get rid of it several times, but never really resisted the call for drugs.

Until 2010, when the singer finally managed to win this battle. If he says he does not regret anything, he says he is very satisfied to have come out of the “hole” and especially to be still alive.

Drew barrymore

Dark history than that of the youth of Drew Barrymore. At the age of 9, the actress began to drink alcohol and, three years later, discovered cocaine. At 13, she was sent to a detoxification center. Barrymore, who became known with “E.T., the extraterrestrial”, was mostly a victim of his environment. Her father was an alcoholic, and when her parents separated, her mother took her to nightclubs, where she was introduced to drugs and alcohol.
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