E&N Special How the real estate demand grows in Central America

By Ana Cristina Camacho, José Barrera, Luis Sierra, Roberto Fonseca, Gloria Rodríguez and Lorena Álvarez

In all the countries of the region – with the exception of Nicaragua, which continues to experience an acute economic and political crisis – the real estate sector registered single-digit growth, as a result of a series of factors, including a greater number of housing projects of both interest and interest. social as well as the Premium segment, a growing demand for office complexes by local and foreign companies and the emergence of mixed-use projects in almost the entire region.

For 2019, union and business leaders consulted by E&N, agreed that this sector will register a dynamic and strong activity, due to various factors. Among them, that the region will grow at an average rate of 3.3% according to estimates by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), which is underway with a wide portfolio of private sector real estate projects in almost all the countries in the region and, finally, to public sector infrastructure works that are adding value and added value to real estate projects.

Daniel Álvarez, Managing Partner of Cushman & Wakefield, AB Advisory explained that in the case of Costa Rica, it is precisely Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that is the key trigger for demand for corporate office spaces, a market that has been growing for a decade. .


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