Millos won, was a leader, and went empty-handed against America

Millos won, was a leader, and went empty-handed against AmericaMillos won, was a leader, and went empty-handed against America

Millos won, was a leader, and went empty-handed against America

In a match that responded to all expectations, América de Cali turned the score around in just 5 minutes and beat Millonarios 2-1 at Pascual Guerrero, reaching 25 points and entering the first eight of the League. , located in seventh with the same 25 points of Medellín.

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The great victim with this result is Deportivo Cali, who is 24 and this Thursday he visits Equidad.

Luis Sánchez received the opportunity in the second period and not only scored the equalizer goal, but also helped to decongest half of the field. Another outstanding player in America was the central Marlon Torres, who with his drive went to look for the rival goal and with a header he achieved the goal of the suffered red victory, which he again beat Millonarios at Pascual Guerrero after almost 11 years.

Alberto Gamero planned a game in an intelligent, safe way and cutting the circuits that the host team could put together and made it clear that his team is today one of the best tactically worked in the championship.

Kevin Andrade did not overcome an injury and therefore Pablo Ortiz played alongside Marlon Torres in the scarlet center-back pair, and Héctor Quiñones acted as a left back.

With important casualties like that of Fernando Uribe, led by the youth and the desire of several of his initialists, the Albiazul team was the one that came out to put conditions with their usual 4-2-3-1, with a lot of dynamics doing amplitude of the court and attacking on the wings, without wearing out too much before the high temperature, causing anxiety to the scarlet defense.

The line of four -especially the central Llinás and Murillo- made it difficult for the local to progress in their offensive game and goalkeeper Juan Moreno had little work.

In the first half, America lacked surprise with its 4-1-4-1 and was too permissive in the first half to forget. Very low the individual contributions of players like Jeison Lucumí, Yesus Cabrera, Duván Vergara and Santiago Moreno.

About minute 6, ‘Chicho’ Arango appeared on the right, but Graterol conjured well, and then there were interesting moments in which Daniel Ruiz, Émerson Rodríguez and Ómar Bertel approached with good triangulation touches.

America replied. Jeison Lucumí put a cross on the left that Duván Vergara did not connect well and the ball was lost to the last line, about 15 minutes. Vergara also tried a free kick a minute later, but again the shot was not effective.

The strong sun of that time in Cali did not make a dent in the capital’s cast, which at 22 returned to have a dangerous arrival that caused Rodríguez with a pass to Arango to shoot at speed, but again Graterol sent the corner kick.

At 26, Bertel won a ball from his side between Carrascal and Cabrera, he served it to Diego Abadía, who without pressure from the red defense and with the whole panorama measured the shot and placed the creeping ball to the right vertical for 0-1 It was a bit of a justice for the team that had done more for the result and was partially in the lead with 29 points.

Diego Abadía
Diego Abadía, forward for Millonarios.

Photo: Dimayor – Vizzor Image
Millonarios was so well positioned in his later quartet, which was joined by Steven Vega and Kliver Moreno, that Vergara and Lucumí changed sectors and Santiago Moreno had to go down a bit to avoid the mark of the Albiazules centrals, but things did not work out for the scarlet.
Abadía, a headache for the red defense, returned to finish off deflected, when Daniel Ruiz was alone on the left and could have defined more calmly. Abadía returned to finish off with the right hand, but the ball was deflected to Graterol’s ditto post, at 43.

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For the beginning of the second half, the Peruvian Aldaír Rodríguez replaced Jeison Lucumí -who had a weak performance-, so that he was accommodated between the defenders of Millos and Moreno he could have a leading role on the bands.

The need to get at least the equal goal led America to raise its lines, although it lacked speed and depth to have any revenue.

Daniel Ruiz received a pass from Arango in front of the goal and finished off with his left foot, but Graterol was there to stop the shot, at 11 minutes.

Luis Sánchez entered for Yesus Cabrera at 14, in search of mobility that was lacking in much of the match.

Jáder Valencia also did it for Diego Abadía, who was booked from minute 52.

America got to Albiazul terrain, but the double block of up to 8 plays
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