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Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager was discontinued and is no more readily available for downloading. To acquire additional Information Regarding Microsoft Mobile Information Server, please see the following Microsoft website:


This report explains the error messages you might get when you link to a own server or forward messages for your wireless apparatus.

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After you use Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager, error messages have been stored into a troubleshooting log which could possibly be stored into a text format (Outlook Mobile Managerlog.txt) which you are able to review simultaneously. You might even click Confirm, then click Rename to examine the troubleshooting log entrances. When you click on the error message, then a description of this message will be shown in the left sidebar.

Outlook has dropped link to your email server.

This error message happens if there’s a lack of network connectivity along with your email server is inaccessible. To solve this matter, assess basic network operation to be certain you could connect to community resources. If other system tools are available, consult your Exchange Server administrator to make sure your host is accessible.

Error 400: There has been an unanticipated mistake from the connector whilst attempting to send out a message. The message wasn’t sent.

This error message isn’t normal, but may occur if the material which you’re sending comprises unusual content or formatting which keeps it from being plotted.

Error 401: Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager couldn’t initialize due to an unexpected error from the connector. Please be certain the connector configuration information is legitimate.

These error messages occur in case your adapter arrangement includes incorrect info. Normally, the very first error message happens if there’s a typographical error in the host name, username, or device ID. To solve this matter, assess the info in the connector settings to be certain you entered it properly.


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