e-commerce and new technologies: the future of the market

e-commerce and new technologies

e-commerce and new technologies

The e-commerce world is growing with double-digit percentages both in Italy and in the rest of the worldAll are about to open up to the digital world and driven by the pre-eminence of the Amazon market, all the major players in the retail world are investing millions to structure solutions to offer the sale of their products online, enabling the smart delivery service of the latest mile. And with the pandemic emergency due to covid19, the growth numbers are getting bigger as well as the requests from companies to open up to the world of digital commerce.

Same-day deliveries have the potential to fundamentally change the way we shop. Thus began a prophetic 2014 Mckinley report. At the time, Amazon had just launched Prime service in the US and was setting up hundreds of proximity warehouses, closer to major Western cities. Taking a quick leap forward, in just six years “same-day” shipments have become the norm in many contextsso much so that we are talking about now-commerce while ultra-fast deliveries and one-hour deliveries are starting to spread.

Thanks to the forced quarantine, online shopping has grown in triple figures, driven by the entry of grocery for which until recently the Internet was practically unknown. In a few months, we have witnessed a real evolutionary leap of ten years: in the first five months of the year, 2 million new consumers appeared online, of which 1.3 million driven by the health emergency (For comparison in the same period in 2019, the increase was around 700,000 people.)

According to research conducted by PWC in 2018, half of those who buy online are interested in same-day delivery and the estimates reported by Mckinley predict that same-day delivery will represent a quarter of the total by 2025. In this, the segment with the highest incidence remains linked to Food, but each sector is characterized by its own peculiarities (for example in Home & Living and in fashion there is a high demand for flexibility).

Among the numerous issues under discussion by the governmentinstitutions and main stakeholders, an important contribution was made by the Angi – National Association of Young Innovators, which drafted multiple proposals for legislative innovation both on the protection of new workers in the digital economy and on the need for a new regulation on new technological paradigms that are involving millions of businesses and consumers on the online commerce front.

Furthermore, the emergency we are experiencing due to Covid-19 has made it clear how important it is for the economic fabric that companies are flexible, that they know how to react promptly to changes, that they are able to intervene promptly, thinking about priorities. And precisely flexibilityspeed of decision and action are the typical characteristics of startups, which have made it possible to create concrete solutions in a short time, specifically designed to face the emergency and adapt to new market conditions by embracing innovation and sustainability. . Among the most growing trends are artificial intelligence, the internet of thingsblockchain, a glitch, and agrifood. Enabling technologies that are then part of the program promoted by the Mise us Impresa 4.0 Plus linked to incentives on research and development in support of businesses and the territory, in particular in the South.

real revolution taking place between e-commerce, digitalization, startups, and new technologies that, driven by covid19, is leading to a great acceleration for the country, a crisis that can become an opportunity if traditional mechanisms become innovative and if technological and digital transformation will be the driving force for the relaunch of Italy and for a new driving force for growth in the country towards the future.

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