Rumors: Apple Watch Explorer Edition

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch on the planet (by far) largely due to the health and wellness features it offers, among which the following stand out:

The ability to take an EKG (and share it with your doctor)
The possibility of measuring the oxygen level in the blood
Analysis of your heart rate and notification of unusual levels (very high or very low) in this
Analysis and notification of heart rhythm irregularities
Fall detection and notification to your emergency contacts and emergency services if the user does not respond afterwards
Noise level analysis
The medical card (with information on health, allergies, medications and emergency contacts)
Measurement of physical activity (calories, exercise time, and hours spent on your feet for at least 1 minute), including in activities such as swimming or surfing
Sleep analysis
Validation of the duration of hand washing
Reminders to get up at least once an hour
Monthly exercise challenges
and the ability to train with Apple Fitness +
Current models come in aluminum, titanium and stainless steel versions and although the screen glass is reinforced and resistant for normal living conditions, the company is evaluating the possibility of launching a more resistant version aimed at extreme sports practitioners. people who do outdoor activities and want something with better protection. People who do not want to have to put covers and covers on their Apple Watch (as Felipe does) but who want a more resistant model. something similar to what Casio offers are its G-Shock (but nice).

Bloomberg reports that the project is called, within the company, as the Apple Watch Explorer Edition and it is rumored that it could arrive in 2022, although there is still no final decision on whether it will be launched. The device would go on to complement the current line of the watch, which includes the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple Watch Nike Edition and the Apple Watch Hermès Edition in 40mm and 44mm versions.


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