United Kingdom, the new titan of technology.

United Kingdom, the new titan of technology.

United Kingdom, the new titan of technology.

The United Kingdom, the new titan of technology is at a key moment to consolidate its technology sector at the forefront of the global market. This is what ensures a study by the consulting firm Deloitte. It also warns of the need to take urgent action to avoid being ousted by aggressive rivals.

British technology already competes with technological powers such as China and the US. In the fields of microelectronics (used in mobile phones and CPU microprocessors), biotechnology, and software design it already competes. According to the study, there are some factors that make it difficult for British tech companies like these rivals to consolidate.

The main shortcomings in British management highlighted by Deloitte are the coordination between the various technological players at the national level. The report highlights the need to establish better communication channels between government, researchers, corporations and financial companies.

Another reason that slows the take-off of new technologies in the United Kingdom is the marked lack of investment – both public and private – in the sector. Due to the distrust of investors to bet on technology companies after the decline of the technology boom and the devaluation of the dotcoms of the late 90s.

Contrary to the situation in Spain, which currently ranks 29th in the world in technological development.  The situation is so critical that it compromises the country’s development, the study considers that the United Kingdom is at a time of technological maturity comparable to that of world leaders.

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